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Formatting Requirements

Project must follow APA guidelines throughout.

• Double-spaced (including the reference page)
• 1 inch Margins
• 12 point professional font
• Headers including paper title and page number (except on title page)
• File name: last name, first initial and project (ex. HenryC_Research Paper)
• Manage your sources using Word's Reference tools. Note: MS Word is not quite
up-to-date with the latest APA citation rules so please verify and correct after using the Word Reference tool. Keep in mind that this is only a tool to help speed the process along Note: All sources in your reference list must also be cited in the body of text.
• Use styles for the section headings, captions, body text, etc. Note: Use Heading 1 style for main heading and Heading 2 for side headings.

• Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. must be correct

• Include main and side headings. Note: Main headings are centered headings. Examples of main headings are the Introduction and the

Conclusion. You will decide what the specific headings for the body are, depending on your individual topic.

Content Requirements

• Minimum of 1500 words, maximum 1700 words
? Excluding table of contents, cover and bibliographical pages
• Title Page (title page must be APA formatted). See APA link in the Course Resources Area in the classroom under the Content Tab for more details.
? Your Name
? Title of your paper
? University Affiliation

Paper Requirements

• Table of Contents that is automatically generated
• Introduction - must contain detailed background information, develops a significant and compelling position, and gives a clear explanation or definition of the problem. A clear, engaging thesis (topic sentence)directs the reader toward the point of the paper.
• Body
? Paragraphs fully support thesis with well-developed/ relevant examples, details, and quotes (where appropriate). The writer's insight, analysis, and/or interpretations are relevant and enhance the explanation of the content.
? Paper is clear and focused, demonstrates original thought/reflection/insight.
? Contains an Excel Chart - Include a custom chart from an Excel Spreadsheet as an embedded object. The information on the chart must relate to your topic.
? Contains a PowerPoint Slide - Include a custom slide from a PowerPoint presentation as an embedded object. The slide content must be relevant to your topic.
• Conclusion - wraps up/gives closure to the main point of the paper, and goes beyond restating the thesis/introduction
• All information used must be in your own words unless using a direct quote. In other words, do not copy and paste information directly from your sources into the paper.
• List of Reference Page - must be properly APA formatted
• Include and cite at least 5 professional sources (at least two sources must be peer-reviewed Journal articles or scholarly sources).

Clarification 1: Do not use Wikipedia or Web sites that have undated postings with no authors. You are strongly encouraged to use the UMUC library's electronic database.

• Generate your Reference list using Word's Reference tools. Please note that all sources in the Reference list must also be cited in the body of the text.

Reference no: EM13725891


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