Finding fallacies or no fallacies."

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Discussion 1: "Finding Fallacies or No Fallacies." 

You encounter arguments everyday but probably do not notice them. Try to find examples of logical errors and/or examples of good syllogistic reasoning. There are plenty of examples on radio and television talk shows, in your local newspaper, and even in discussions with your friends. Do not use examples from Internet Web sites which deal specifically with logic (although the examples could be from articles posted on the Internet or from blogs). Please respond to the following: 
• Find at least five (5) "real-life" arguments which could be rewritten as syllogisms.
• In a sentence or two, describe the argument.
• Rewrite each argument as a syllogism.
• Identify whether the argument contains logical errors or is an example of good syllogistic reasoning. 

Reference no: EM13194354


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