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1. Company is purchasing new equipment for $120,000. You estimate the life of this equipment is 6 years and you will depreciate it in a straight line over 5 years to be conservative and assume no terminal value. The administration, maintenance and insurance cost for the equipment to be estimated to be $8,000 per year. If your cost of borrowing is 8% and your tax rate is 32%, what is the break even annual income made in advance at the beginning of the year?

2. You have two offers for an office photocopier. Copier A cost $700, will cost $100 a year to run and will last four years. Copier B costs $600, costs $120 a year to run and will last for three years. Your cost of capital is 12%. Which is better deal?

3. KLM Ltd has the following structure:$100,000,000 three year bonds with a coupon of 7% trading at 95% and 2.5 million shares trading at $4.55. The market risk premium is 8% and the risk free rate of return is 4%. KLM has a beta of 1.3 and pays tax at 35%. Calculate the WACC of KLM?

4. There is a US treasury bond with coupon 4.5% and maturing in mid March 2015. Interest rates are flat at 3%. What's the price of the bond (ignoring transaction costs and other distortions)?


Reference no: EM1344532


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