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Assessment - 1

Analytical Response

Select 3 article/feature in one of the major English Newspapers or weekly/monthly from anywhere around the world that deals with an issue related to Gender, and write a summary and critique of it.

You need to find the articles on one theme related to Gender, as it will assist you while writing your summary and critique.

Remember that a newspaper article/feature normally presents an opinion related to a specific topic. The authors' present their own opinion and analysis, and views on a topic. These reflect how a particular person/newspaper looks at these issues.

If you have any questions about whether the article you are considering is appropriate, please check with the Lecturer.

Your summary and critique should be approximately a total of 1500 words.

For your summary, make sure to outline the key opinions that deal with Gender in a particular context.

As much as possible, link your discussion to concepts discussed in class.

For your critique, offer some opinion about whether the author's conclusions are justified in light of the evidence they present.

Do you believe the author's claims? Why or why not?


1. "Economic Development" and Gender Equality: Explaining Variations in the Gender Poverty Gap after Socialism by Eva Fodor and Daniel Horn

2. Achieving Gender Equality: Development versus Historical Legacies

3. Gender Equality, Development and Transitional Justice: The Case of Nepal by Daniel Aguirre and Irene Pietropaoli.

Reference no: EM131032784


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