Find out the amount of time the shell is in motion

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Q1. Suppose that it takes 16.9 hours to drain a container of 62.0m3 of water. What is the "mass flow rate," in kg/s, of water from container?

Q2. A shell is fired from the ground with an initial speed of 1.76 103 m/s at an initial angle of 51° to the horizontal.

(a) Neglect air resistance; find the shell's horizontal range.

(b) Find out the amount of time the shell is in motion.

Q3. One mole of an ideal gas is heated so that T = AP2, where A is a constant and P is the pressure. The temperature changes from T0 to 4T0. Find out the work completed by the gas. (Use the following as necessary: T0, P0, and V0.)

Reference no: EM1322122


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