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First you should choose an article near 600-800 words and than you need to summarise the article and criticise it.

Assessment Details-

You are expected to find a current news article- of approximately 600-800 words related to current national/international issues that might include topics such as internationalization/globalization political/economic challenges/changes and/or social/demographic/ethical issues.

The article must be sufficient in length and scope to allow a detailed analysis. Your choice of article and the topics to be covered MUST be approved by your lecturer to ensure that the article/topics are relevant.

You are to write a detailed 'article analysis- that seeks to analyse, comment on and critique your selected article The article analysis should consider all angles of the article and evaluate the nature and value of the arguments outlined. Writing an article analysis is similar to writing other kinds of reports, the man difference is that you must use critical thinking skills to analyse an external article.

There is no "one right way" for undertaking an article analysis but you must be able to state your oen opinion on the topic/material and the author's comments and relate them to the international management concepts.

Reference no: EM131034336


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