Find an expression for the electric potential on the y-axis

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Q. The center of a 1.50 diameter spherical pocket of oil is 1.00 beneath the Earth's surface.Estimate by what percentage directly above the pocket of oil would differ from the expected value of for a uniform Earth? Assume the density of oil is 8.10^2 kg/m^3

Q. An electric dipole with dipole moment p is oriented along the y-axis.

A:Find an expression for the electric potential on the y-axis at a point where y is much larger than the charge spacing s. Write your expression in terms of the dipole moment p.

Express your answer in terms of p, y and appropriate constants.

B:The dipole moment of a water molecule is 6.2 times 10^{ - 30};{rm C} {rm m} . What is the electric potential 1.0 nm from a water molecule along the axis of the dipole?

Express your answer numerically, in Volts, to 3 significant figures.

Reference no: EM1350483


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