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DHL and FedEx have helped companies throughout the world succeed in the global economy by understanding the customers supply chain needs, ensuring that shipments and packages, however large or small are moved seamlessly across the globe using the most appropriate mode of transport.

You have been hired as a consultant to the industry to analyse the financial status of these two organizations operating in similar markets, and to communicate your findings in a formal written report to the Head of the Supply Chain Executive Committee.

Your report should focus on the profitability, efficiency, liquidity, and gearing of both organisations and to conduct a comparative analysis.
The report should include a detailed analysis and assessment of the financial performance over a three or four year period using ratio analysis.

You will also be expected to carry out horizontal analysis on the Income Statement using (2010 as base) and vertical common size analysis on the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) for 2 year (using total assets as a base).

Your findings should be submitted in a formal report with well founded conclusions and recommendations.

You should state any assumptions made

Note: You are NOT required to comment on the investment performance of the group.

Reference no: EM1382141

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Financial analysis for managers : ou will also be expected to carry out horizontal analysis on the Income Statement using (2010 as base) and vertical common size analysis on the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) for 2 year.
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