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Explore the world of "addiction" on a personal level. You will abstain (give up) from a vice that you have found to be necessary to your being. This "vice" can be coffee/tea, cigarettes, cell phones, social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram), soda, energy drinks, chocolate, certain foods, nail-biting, shopping, cursing, and the like.

Once you've identified your vice be prepared to give it up! Starting 9/9/19 you're a changed man or woman J. Be honest, this project is expected to be challenging. DIG DEEP as this project is for the duration of the semester.

Need to do total 8 log entries 200 words each

Addiction: Soft drinks

Your log entries should contain the following:

First entry: identify what your vice is, explain your usage (how often do you indulge, again, BE HONEST), what are you hoping to achieve from this project, prediction of your results, struggles you may face during this time; due to lack of resource, and lastly any apprehensions?

Each entry thereafter should detail your progress (relapse or sobriety), what triggered your relapse or what helped you fight through the urge. What strategies did you use to work on maintaining or gaining control? Have you experienced physical withdrawals (Example: if you are giving up coffee did you experience headaches, irritability, nervousness, etc)? Psychological changes? Feelings of empowerment? Weakness? You are expected to log at least twice a week (no exceptions). All log entries should be written legibly or typed (Times New Roman, 12-14 Font). Entries are expected to be of quality- NO 3 sentence entries; you are college students. They will be reviewed throughout the semester; refer to your course calendar for specific dates.

Remember as a Human Service Professional, Respect and Empathy goes a long way. It can easily be you on the "other side of the table". This project is a reminder that commonalities exist amongst clients and professionals; our (the professional) coping techniques are just different. Enjoy and have fun but most importantly tap into your Human Service Self.

Reference no: EM132608308


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