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Question 1: Explain why only certain cell types are permissive for transcription of HIV proviral DNA. What cellular factors are involved and why?

Question 2: What are the selective advantages and disadvantages for DNA viruses in relying on host cell apparatus for production of mRNAs and replication of their genomes? Give examples of host cell apparatus required.

Question 3: DNA viruses generally possess a precisely ordered and temporal sequence of transcription of viral genes. Why is this control necessary and beneficial to the virus?  By what molecular mechanisms do viral proteins help mediate this control? Give specific examples.

Question 4: DNA viruses are heavily reliant on the host for providing factors required for replication. Replication of eukaryotic DNA is a very precisely regulated process and normally only occurs prior to mitosis. Therefore, viruses have evolved a number of mechanisms for enabling viral DNA synthesis when the host cell is in the Go state. Describe elements of one such mechanism and why they are required for viral replication. What are the advantages for the virus?

Question 5: Many DNA viruses possess latent infectious cycles. What are the characteristics of a latent infection and how does a latent virus alter both its production of RNA and replication to maintain the latent infection?

Question 6: What are the complications/obstacles for a single stranded DNA virus to replicate its genome. Describe mechanisms a specific virus uses to overcome these obstacles.

Reference no: EM138502


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