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1. List the four "large molecules of life." Identify their composition and structure, and describe one function they perform in the cell.

2. Before bringing a new drug to the marketplace, extensive testing is done on the drug by administering the drug to large numbers of individuals. Explain the importance of the scientific method, sample size, controls and variable in the drug evaluation process.

3. How can you explain the occurrence of birth defects (caused by altered genes) in children and grandchildren of WWII atomic bomb victims, when the victims themselves were only mildly affected

4. Water is crucial for life as we know it. One of the most important characteristics of water is its ability to act as a solvent. Explain why water is such a good solvent for polar and charged molecules.

5. During the past 50 years, more than 200 species of insects that attack crop plants have become highly resistant to DDT and other pesticides. Based on what you have learned in this class regarding evolution, explain the rapid and widespreach evolution of resistance. Now that DDT has been banned in the US, what do you expect to happen to levels of resistance to DDT among insect populations?

Reference no: EM13114851

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