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Problem Description

The problem is related to the cancer related issues for a hospital XYZ, in which only 10 beds are available and the hospital has a specialization to tackle the issues related to cancer effectively. Hence, it is my responsibility to develop the planning for a secured Health Information System to manage the patients.

Problem Analysis:

The mission of my hospital is to increase the value of patients as well as enhance the wider health care and social care system in the country. The vision of my organization is

- To enhance the health care services and provide greater satisfaction to patients
- To improve the quality of medical services and create value for patients
- To provide new technology based health care and social care system
- To provide new and better opportunities to the employees to work
- To improve the corporate efficiency and productivity in the market

Hence, the development of the secured information systems for the health services is a basic requirement because it would help to achieve the targets without any problem.

The plan for the best possible HIS is

• To make a direct link between management, cloud and patients that reduces time and makes the effective flow of information to get the solution of problems.

• Regular Storage of Data and Information: It would help the organization to start the caring services to patients, which have already provided their information about their problem without taking the time.

• Use of mobile based services to make the direct contact with the customers about their health and keep contact with patients in regular manner.

Critic of topic

For the best help and services, it is an important task to develop the effective HIS. It is because that it would help the organization to create an effective environment to the team members and staff of the organization for the effective implementation of strategies, rules and regulations in order to vision and mission (Wua, Wanga & Lind, 2007). According to the mission of the organization, the HIS would be related to effective and supportive health care consultancy to the patients. It will support the company to enhance customer base in the market and improve the health care services that is also defined by the selected journals. The topic has also its significance in the context of health care because it would focus over the efficient flow of data and information and easy accessibility of data and information that would help to provide the error less services to customers at their demand (Heeks, 2006). Same as, HIS plan would also help the hospital focus on the development of the health care system across the country with the help growing understanding and knowledge of the health care professionals in the analysis of the earlier cases.

Through the new HIS plan, management can motivate employees to make the effective analysis of the patients' problems and solve them to satisfy their needs related to health care. The above plan would also help the healthcare organization to conduct some meeting through video conferencing and face to face interview sessions in order to describe about the importance of the patients information about their health and related complication by which the health care professional would make the conversation between them in confidence and would not disclose the matter of patients in front of the other (Zapka, Taplin, Solberg & Manos, 2003).

The new plan focuses over the use of Internal and computer by which the entire professionals related health care service team could use internet mails, health magazines and brochures for providing detailed about the issues related cancer and its benefits to the customers and patients to understand about the existing mission and vision of the organization by which the health care professional could solve the health related issues in an effective manner. The topic of this journal is effectively discussed about the enhancement in local health care system to meet the global context ((Zapka, Taplin, Solberg & Manos, 2003). This process would also support the organization for resolving the cancer issues and problems from the related societies and improve their social life.

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Reference no: EM13316182

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