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ITEC104 - Final Research Paper


Your job is to complete one of the following research questions: (Please remember that you are to only answer one question)

1) We understand that Access, Ability and Empowerment are key to improving the digital divide. With your research find key examples that demonstrate this and explain how we can use these as a benchmark to eliminate the digital divide.

2) ISYS100 was designed as a unit that makes you think about the world we live in. Taking this comment consider how the internet has changed our lives positively and negatively with examples from the unit and using your own research also.

3) The word "sustainability" is thrown around a lot in the IT sector. Explain the importance of green IT and sustainability.

4) It is said that "that social networks can lead to social upheaval and ruin peoples' lives", explain how Social Networks can be a way of connecting people and discouraging people to communicate.

5) Google is a company that has created a road map for what IT companies should be like; explain how Google can be considered to be one of the world's best companies and at the same time one of the world's most secretive organisations.

6) Throughout the world there has been an increase in discussions regarding "Censorship of the Internet", explain how Censorship can work in some instances but in others it can be a detriment to society.

7) We live in a world where the internet plays a pinnacle role in our day to day lives. Discuss how the internet has caused an ethical debate on our information privacy.

Reference no: EM131051813


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