Explain how many premolars in each quadrant

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Q. 1. Which of subsequent is not a primate super family? A) Tarsioidea -tarsiers b) Ceboidea-New World monkeys c) Hominidae - humans and their fossil relatives d) Cercopicoidea -Old World monkeys.

2. Explain how many premolars in each quadrant (side of their upper or lower jaws) do apes and Old World monkeys share? A. 3 b. 2 c. 1 d. none of above

3. Explain how are monkeys and apes different? A. Monkeys have a tail; apes do not. B. Monkeys have a more mobile shoulder joint than apes. C. Apes are limited to Africa; monkeys are found around world. D. Monkeys are strictly polygynous; apes are mostly fission-fusion societies.



Reference no: EM1378470

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