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Modern psychology approaches analysis of behaviour in several ways. One focuses upon an analysis of fundamental processes of perception, cognition, movement, learning, and motivation as well as application of this information to fundamental problems facing individuals and society.

A second approach emphasizes the study of abnormalities of behaviour, such as neurological and psychiatric disorders, and potential treatments of such disorders.

A third approach focuses upon social nature of human behaviour and the study of factor distressing the processes involved in human social behaviour.

a. illustrate, using concrete examples, that of the 3 approaches of modern psychology is most important to you as a professional in the education sector.

b. demonstrate carefully contribution of each of the approaches to understanding of individual human beings.


a. What has been power of e-learning as compared to traditional teaching and learning approach on performance of our students?

b. examine influence of Information technology and all IT related inventions on the daily life of people. Clarify positive and negative impact on their lifestyles.

Reference no: EM132829


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