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Variations, too much or too little in health care, are an indication of poor quality in medical practice and often raise questions about the quality and efficiency of the use and allocations of resources, and they have important implications for health care and health policy.

Conduct an evaluation of the variation of issues affecting Medicare reimbursements to determine warranted or unwarranted variations. Provide an analysis of those variation issues that may affect reimbursements and recommend ways to overcome the issue(s).

In an attempt to figure out why there is a tremendous difference between Medicare reimbursements between states, data were pulled from the top and the bottom of the list that include the following information adjusted for price, age, sex, and race. The 90th percentile group is at or above $10,578, and the 10th percentile group is at or below $7,497.

Analysis of the variation issues that may affect diverse Medicare reimbursements and why. Recommendation of strategies for overcoming the issues.

Reference no: EM131979090


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