Evaluate the dietary targets set for you by the supertracker

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Withdraw Nutrition & Hydration

Question 1: One of the staff RN's comments......." I think the mother and father are being selfish about their request to withdrawal nutrition from baby Sherman. I think it is because they don't want to be bothered with taking care of her at home." How do you address these comments?

Question 2: Why do lymph nodes get swollen when you are sick?

Question 3: Give a brief description of GOUT cause, signs/symptoms and potential treatments. . You should have a minimum of 2 academically appropriate resources.

Question 4: Read this article that reviews the changes and answers the following questions: How do you anticipate the new food label will affect consumer food choices? How will consumers interpret the label? What, if any, steps will be needed to improve comprehension?

Dietary Analysis Assignment

Choose two days to record everything you eat and drink. Don't change your normal eating habits. Consider tracking a weekday and a day during the weekend to see how your dietary patterns might vary. Include a table with headers for the time, meal, location, food, preparation method, and amount for everything eaten (meal, snack, beverage, etc.)

Create an account in the USDA Supertracker and enter the foods and drinks you recorded.

In addition to your diet record, please draft a 2-3 page report that addresses each of the following questions. Cite any resources you use, as specified in the syllabus, and please save the Super tracker reports you receive and upload them as apart of your assignment.

Describe tracking your diet and analyzing with the USDA Supertracker.

What strategy did you use to track your diet? How difficult was it? What features of the Supertracker website were beneficial, and what features would you like to see added to the program? Where you able to find all the foods you ate in the USDA Supertracker? If not, then what foods were difficult to find?

Evaluate the dietary targets set for you by the Supertracker.

What daily calorie limit and food group targets does the program recommend for you? If you change some of the settings (age, gender, activity level, etc.), how (if at all) do these goals differ? Discuss why or why not you are surprised by these recommendations.

Describe your food choices using the food types listed in Table 1-5 in your text book.

Do you notice any patterns in your diet? Do you eat any one type of food type more than others and, if so, why might this be? Are there any types of foods that you try to avoid or encourage? Why is that?

Discuss any factors that affected your food choices.

Was social pressure a factor? Were any of your food choices influenced by emotions (happiness, boredom, disappointment, etc.)? Did advertising affect any of your food choices? How large a role do availability, convenience, and economy play in your food choices? Did you feel tracking your made you think more about your food choices? What other influences were important in your food choices?

Explain if and how health considerations affected your food choices.

How often did you think about health and nutrition when making food choices? Are there any specific health goals/concerns that impact your decisions? What are the nutritional considerations that are relevant to you as your current stage of life?

Discuss the quality of your diet based on the Supertracker analysis.

If you were to award your diet a letter grade, what would it be? Are there foods you need to increase, or items to cut back on? What might you do differently moving forward now that you have this insight? What steps can you take to begin to bring about those changes?

Reference no: EM131854871


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