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1. Marie, an employee of Nickel Tool Company, files a sexual-harassment suit against Owen, her supervisor. Marie wins. Nickel may also be liable if it had effective harassment policies and complaint procedures, and (

  • Marie failed to follow them.
  • Marie followed them.
  • Owen failed to follow them.
  • Owen followed them.

2. Beth, who has a disability, is an employee of Corporate Office Company (COC). After the installation of new doors on COC's building, Beth finds it nearly impossible to get in and out. For repeatedly failing to be on time, COC replaces Beth with Dian, who does not have a disability. To succeed with a claim against COC under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Beth will have to show that

  • Beth consistently met the essential requirements of her job.
  • COC refused to make reasonable accommodation for Beth.
  • Dian is unqualified for Beth's position.
  • the doors were installed as an act of intentional discrimination.

3. Disparate-impact discrimination occurs when an employer intentionally discriminates against an employee who is a member of a protected class.

  • True
  • False

4. Eton files a suit in a federal district court against Florida, alleging employment discrimination under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. The state asks the court to dismiss the suit. The court is most likely to rule that

  • the state is immune from the suit.
  • the suit can proceed.
  • Eton is immune from any defense the state might offer.
  • the court is immune from such request.

5. Fay works for General Construction Contractors (GCC) but is the only woman on her shift. The male workers often play minor pranks on each other. Fay attempts a prank. Hank, her supervisor, fires her, because "GCC doesn't hold with pranks.". To successfully defend itself in Fay's suit, GCC must show that Hank's statement was

  • a legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason for Fay's discharge.
  • not Fay's feeling about pranks at GCC.
  • only a pretext for Fay's discharge.
  • unofficial GCC policy.

Reference no: EM13466652


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