Ethical effects of alcoholism

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Ethical Effects of Alcoholism


Alcohol addiction is mostly discussed as behavioral illness, but it is also a fact that age as well as environmental factors plays a key role for alcohol consumption. The paper is going to provide a short preview about the age and environmental factors as a main factor for consuming alcohol. The discussion is to be viewed from two extreme points where age and environmental factors are reasons for alcohol consumption and the other view would be to discuss, that they aren't the reason for alcohol consumption. In the same manner the ethical issues that are related to the question is also to be outlined and looked into. With the numerous factors for individuals to follow the routine with alcohol, it would be age and environmental factors that play a key role in the paper.

Ethical Effects of Alcoholism

When discussing about the age for alcohol consumption, it is appropriate that more of young adults are addicted to the habit a lot. Change and exploration touches any individual's life in the young adulthood. This stands to be a stage where young adults move away from home for the purpose of study and other factors towards their peers and dormitories. They have the opportunity to work full-time, get to college and also get to serious relationship in that aspect, since they stand own and possess the complete rights to make their own decisions they easily fall for alcohol consumption. It is a fact that more and more young people are being addicted to alcohol that older aged people.

The headline news of today clearly mentions a number of tragic events that takes place due to young adult are alcoholism. Either its drunk and drive, poisoning in the campus or any other fact young ones are the victims highlighted in the cases. Young people from the age of 18 to 25 are always at an elevated risk when alcohol consumption is considered. There are many research and survey conducted, where the recent one is the recent nationwide survey which opened up that nearly 70 percent of young adults were alcohol consumers from the rest of all age groups. This clearly shows that young age brings in inventiveness for consuming alcohol.
Apart from the age factor it is also a fact that environmental factors play a major role to pull in young adults towards alcoholism.

There are quite plenteous environmental factors which are being discussed. The young adults are free to drink as the availability of alcohol is quite simple where they can get it easily from the bar. Low priced alcohol is also another reason which urges people to drink and enjoy. The number of licensed liquor establishments is something that needs to be looked into, since there are more and more of liquor establishments, more people tend to drink.

There are no special laws for ones who are drinking and create issues such as public nuisance, vandalism, drunken behavior and lot more. Peers, movie stars, sports personality and models are ones who gain acceptance and other benefits from alcohol and so young people also follow the same. They think it is a social status and prestige to drink at parties, and other get together. Drinking and drunken behavior is well made more prominent in videos, cinema, music and other media related aspects. All these environmental factors play a main role for young adults to fall for alcoholism.

Another view can be mentioned that age and environmental factors are not a main reason for alcohol consumption. The alcohol consumption completely depends on the attitude of the person, his genes and not age or other factors. The urge to taste the drink and get addicted to it depends on the mentality of the individual whatever age he may belong. There are old people also who wanted to drink just for relaxation and getting together with friends. They wanted to relieve from stress and hence require drinking. In that aspect there are quite a lot of factors that add alcohol drinking. So age and environmental factors are not the only reasons for drinking. The null hypothesis is thus made clear and rounded off.

There are ethical issues also when alcohol consumption is considered. It is legal that after the age of 19, the individual has the complete rights to decide about consuming alcohol. it depends on the attitude of the individual to behave in the right ethical manner and decide the right way. As young people tend to drink more, there were data collected and found out that teens and young ones drink more, young adults are highlighted to binge drink and also drink more amount. It is also found out that 46% of young adults drink more that the limit and 14.5% involved average drinking. These are few risk related issues connected with alcohol which can lead to serious issues. Young adults and environmental factors are considered as a main and enhanced reason for alcohol habit.

Reference no: EM13815738


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