Estimate how long it would take to heat a cup of soup

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Q. A 240 , 50.0-cm-diameter turntable rotates on frictionless bearings at 57.0 . A 22.0 block sits at the center of the turntable. A compressed spring shoots the block radically outward along a frictionless groove in the surface of the turntable. What is the turntable's rotation angular velocity when the block reaches the outer edge?

Q. A small immersion heater is rated at 373 W. Estimate how long it will take to heat a cup of soup (assume this is 250 mL of water) from 20°C to 50°C.

Reference no: EM1346504

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Estimate how long it would take to heat a cup of soup : A 240 , 50.0-cm-diameter turntable rotates on frictionless bearings at 57 . A 22 block sits at the center of the turntable. A compressed spring shoots the block radically outward along a frictionless groove in surface of the turntable. What is turn..
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