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I have to write a section of a Employee Selection and Training Paper and it has to be at least 210 words.

Here are the the two scenarios that I have to write about

Real-world example # 1- Hiring questionnaire. First test includes knowledge of the company, skills required to perform the job, job requirements, etc. If passed, applicants then move onto the interview stage which will include questions about background, criminal activity, what makes them a valuable employee, what do they bring to the shipping company, etc.

Real-world example # 2- Training opportunities with theft/loss prevention. I/O develops a training program to discuss with employees what the theft/loss prevention policy is at the shipping company, what the consequences are, how to identify theft/loss, what the procedure is if someone notices the behavior, how to notify customers, etc. 

Discuss methods to measure level of success of each scenario

Reference no: EM1323250


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