Effectiveness of corporal punishment

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Effective Punishment:

One aspect of raising healthy children understands how to best provide correction when they make poor choices or behave in unacceptable ways. Over the years, there has been much debate over the most effective form of punishment for children. As part of this debate, you have to take into consideration operant conditioning as this is the basis for how effective correction works. Operant conditioning should be considered when choosing how to best administer corrective actions whether the parents choose to use corporal punishment, time outs, or loss of privileges.

Discuss the differences between negative and positive punishment. What are the factors that make punishment effective?

Discuss the effectiveness of corporal punishment and elaborate upon when you think it should be used.

Discuss how culture affects the type of punishment used.

Give reasons in support of your responses based on your readings and personal experiences.

Reference no: EM1310074


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