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Examine disease management models and their effect on the health of populations and health economics.


Your local health system is planning to launch its new population health management (PHM) program for the community and population it serves. You are the Chief Population Officer for this system, and you were tasked by your system CEO to develop key performance indicators for this program.

One of the key components of this program is to identify and establish key performance indicators in healthy populations. Establishing key performance indicators allows decision makers to design meaningful and efficient PHM programs that address population health needs. Check out this web site to read more about key performance indicators for population health programs.


For this assessment, create a PowerPoint presentation, with detailed speaker notes in each content discussion slide. You should assess your local population healthcare needs and develop key performance indicators that measure these needs. Use your local or state health department, U.S. Census, and other relevant websites to learn more about unique characteristics of your local community healthcare needs.

1. Describe your local healthcare profile (population number, socioeconomic determinants, health and medical resources available, in the community, competitive market, etc.).

2. Assess your local population healthcare needs, programs, and resources needed to address these needs. You should conduct a high-level Community Needs Assessment to ensure that healthcare resources are maximized for population health improvement. A Community Needs Assessment describes the health and welfare of the priority population, identifies the major health risk factors, the top health problems, and helps to identify the next steps to address these factors. Please have a look at this Community Needs Assessment Click for more options document from the CDC.

3. Identify key performance indicators that your health system PHM program needs to implement to promote a healthy population.

4. You should use five quality references to support your assessment and findings for this assessment.

Reference no: EM132567652


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