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Q1. Why I having a nominal anchor important for you to achieve inflation targets ? What is the drawback of using a nominal anchor? What is the growth rate of the money supply of this economy? If you chose to adapt a money supply target, which money supply growth rate will allow you to meet your inflation target?

Q2. The following are the examples of typical economic decisions made by the managers of a firm. Determine and explain which basic economic problem: of what, how and for who apply to the following the economic decision. Should the company makes its own spare parts or buy them from an outside vendor?

Reference no: EM136273

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Drawback of using a nominal anchor : What, how and for who apply to the following the economic decision. Should the company makes its own spare parts or buy them from an outside vendor.
What disorder does the man have : What disorder does this man have? Gastric secretions normally include about 10mmole/L potassium. How do you account for the low serum potassium in this patient.
Characteristics of proprietorships : Characteristics of Proprietorships what percentage of sole proprietorships is engaged in retail trade? Why might more sole proprietorships be engaged in services rather than manufacturing?
Did all bacteria present in each saliva sample grow : The number of bacteria in saliva samples was determined by collecting the saliva, making serial dilutions, and inoculating nutrient agar through pour plate method. The plates were incubated aerobically for 48 hours at 37C.
Marginal rate of substitution : What is the marginal rate of substitution (MRS) and why does it diminish as the consumer substitute's one product for another. Use examples to illustrate.


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