Does food abundance play role in the american way of eating

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Question: Congratulations! You have been selected to host your own TV show on the Food Network. (Ok. so you may or may not be as good a cook as Bobby Flay or Racheal Ray. Ok. you may not even cook at all. But that is not going to stop you.) The network executives have told you that your show will be called "Citizens of the Refrigerator." and for your first show you will interview Andrew F. Smith and Michael Pollan. (two authors we have read for this class).

1. Briefly explain in 1-2 paragraphs why these individuals are important to the discussion of food. What in their writing makes them authorities on food's political issues?

2. Describe your conversation with your guests, including your own response to your guests. What does each person have to say about not only consumption but about production of food in America? Do you agree or disagree with each person? Explain. You may wish to consider the following questions. but you are not limited to these: Does food abundance play a role in the American way of eating? Why is cheap food so readily available today? Do your guests think that the food system in America needs to change? Do they think that we as individuals can contribute to change?

Reference no: EM131516573

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