Discuss the organization of the texas court system

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Cite your sources using the MLA system. These papers should be one to two pages in length each with 12 point font using a common style such as New Times Roman. The professor may assess a penalty if the paper is submitted late. The professor will assign a grade on the basis of completeness (address all parts of the instructions), quality of writing, clarity and logical presentation of information and proper citation of sources. Students should only use reliable web sites.

1. Local Government. Discuss the four forms of city/municipal government used in Texas. (Please note that forms of government does not refer to home rule and general law cities).

2. Discuss the role of political parties in Texas elections. Student should include discussion of how parties select candidates, adopt parity platforms, and hold party conventions. The paper should discuss the role of parties in campaigns for the general election. Finally, students should discuss the role of party members in the general election.

3. Discuss the powers of the Texas Governor. Identify his formal and informal powers. Describe each power and its importance in Texas politics.

4. Discuss the top ten percent rule (eight percent at UTT-Austin) as used in Texas higher education. Identify the provision of the rule, the reasons for its adoption and the effects on higher education. Discuss the role of the THECB and higher education institutions such as UTT-Austin.

5. Discuss the organization of the Texas court system. Detail the various courts, the number of judges, the function of each court and the types of case the jurisdiction. Note the various unusual features of the system.

6. Discuss the procedure for the developing the Texas state budget. Who and what influences the writing of the Texas budget.

Reference no: EM13805335


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