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Given the costs of recruitment, selection, training, and absenteeism, it is critical that organizations properly engage, motivate, and reward their employees. Discuss the factors that affect employee engagement and motivation and how job characteristics and a proper reward system can affect an employee's engagement and motivation.

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Peer 1- Katrina

The factors that affect employee's engagement, motivation, characteristic and rewards system can be critical or beneficial. It's important for management to communicate with their employees, asking for their input and being respectful of their ideas shows the employees that the organization is fair. After receiving their thoughts, management should follow up with the employees about their ideas; whether the change is in the process or provide an explanation of why the idea wouldn't be beneficial to the organization. As far as the reward system, employees shouldn't be treated equally. Managers and employees should have a clear understanding that rewards and incentives are given by the expectation and performance of the work that is provided.

Having a one on one with employees is essential, giving your employees a one on one will help in developing motivation. A one on one would be the time a manager can communicate with their employees and focus their attention on that particular person and receive their thoughts. If a manager has a strong relationship with their employees they know when something is wrong, this will the appropriate time to speak with the employees and help motivation. When something is wrong with employees, it also affects their work performance. Organizations should focus on hiring the right person for the job; a person should be happy with themselves as well as respectful. When you have someone in the workplace that is not happy or not respectful of themselves or others makes it difficult for management to communicate as well as help with motivation.


Employee Motivation, Engagement Determines Winning ... (2015). Retrieved from https://www.bastiansolutions.com/blog/index.php/2011/08/02/22-factors-that-affec

Peer 2- Bryan

Statistically we can see the advantage of selecting the right individual(s) and training them properly. Engaging and motivating can also show less accidents, less absenteeism, more commitment to the mission, job performance and many other benefits. Obviously some careers cannot offer financial incentives but all can give the pat on the back. A reward system is critical in motivation and keeping your employees engaged. When you have performance evaluations in place you should include the employee in goal setting and make sure you challenge your staff. "Encourage managers to include employees in the goal-setting process. This technique helps to ensure that workers understand the goals.

It also promotes acceptance of challenging objectives, because people generally feel more committed to goals they have helped define." (Robert J Vance, 2006) Knowing your operation and your employees are key to the strategies used from your hiring practices, training and motivating. "Keep in mind that employees are individuals. Each one may value something different about the organization's work experience and benefits. When you plan a change to your policies or benefits, take time to consider the impact of that change on employees with different life situations-married, single, older, children at home, childless and so forth. Then be sure the change is a net positive for the majority of your workforce. If you expect that some groups of employees will not like the change, be prepared to address this honestly and directly. If possible, consider making several changes at once that benefit different groups. That way no one will feel left out." (Robert J Vance, 2006)

Robert J Vance, P. (2006). Employee Engagement and Commitment. Alexandria: SHRM Foundation.

Peer 3- Savannah
Aamodt (2016) states that "when we discuss work motivation, we are really talking about the factors that cause a person to apply their effort to work rather than on something else" (pg. 322). Motivation comes in two different forms; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is "work motivation in the absence of such external factors as pay, promotion, and coworkers" while extrinsic motivation is "work motivation that arises from such nonpersonal factors as pay, coworkers, and opportunities of advancement" (Aamodt, 2016, pg. 326).

Intrinsic motivation has to come from within. "Hire the right people from the start" (Bastian II, 2011). It does not matter what is offered as incentives, or in a rewards program, if the people that are hired do not have any "want to". Extrinsic motivation will help to get people to want to work; however, if they have no intrinsic motivation, this will not last long unless another reward is offered shortly after. "Intrinsic (internal) motivators are far more powerful than extrinsic incentives" (Bastian II, 2011). I believe this to be true as well. Someone that wants to better themselves is going to work harder, and longer, than someone that has to get a job for a reason; i.e. - when parents make older children get jobs to help pay for their cars, insurance, or cell phone bills. Bastian continues to say that "done well the extrinsic motivators compliment the intrinsic motivators" (2011). This is also true, to me.

If I want to have a decent job to better myself and the lives of those around me, then a company that offers decent spouse/family insurance, at a decent price as well, is going to help motivate me to stay long enough to get this benefit. With that being said, since I do want to have and do better for self (intrinsic motivation), then I would also want this job, even if it was not my ideal job or came with all of the benefits.

Aamodt, M. G. (2016). Industrial/Organizational Psychology: An Applied Approach, 8th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781305840683/

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Reference no: EM131168593

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