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Collin MacGibson, President of On-Time Technology Products just put you in charge of hiring a several new employees and researching new voicemail systems. If you were hiring a receptionist, CSR, virtual assistant, and telemarketer, what essential phone service skills would you look for in your top candidates?

Describe a voicemail system you have used that you consider to be customer friendly. Describe one that your consider not to be user friendly.

Assignment Checklist:

List and describe essential phone skills.
Discuss different voice mail systems.
Describe the positive and negative aspects of voice mail systems.

Here are my answers to these 3 questions above. I need a power point slide presentation to show my answers and I then add notes to the bottom of each slide ....Here are my ideas to the 3 questions----if you would like to add, please do I am toward the end of this term and I really need a good presentation.

Necessary skills: Courteous, able to verbally communicate effectively, positive attitude, able to defuse angry customers over the phone and in person, good multitasking skills, professional, helpful, knowledgeable about company and products, speaks clearly, patient, and focused. Works without direct supervision works without direct supervision and is expected to accomplish tasks without constant delegation in means of being skilled in managing their time at work effectively. interpersonal skills, using proper tone, smile in your voice, empathy, excellent listening skills, Proper Pronunciation (No Slang), Great Communication Skills, Knowledgeable about the Business, positive attitude, being courteous, clear language speaking abilities and multilingual.

The best voicemail system will be easy to use, be able to be accessed from any phone, will have faxing capabilities, be able to set up multiple boxes, be able to control from email, have personalized greetings, limit options so not to upset customers. It will have different language support for those that don't speak English, it will send notifications by email or text to let one know there are messages. The voicemail system should be integrated into the IT systems, and have 24 hour customer support.
Different voice mail systems allow the caller to leave messages for specific people. Others have them leave messages in a general mail box. There are VOIP systems and other types of technology that is used.
Some positive aspects of a voicemail systems is that no calls will be missed. Every caller will have the opportunity to leave a message if no one can answer the phone, or are on another line. This type of systems reduces the number of missed calls that are important to the organization. Some negative aspects are that customers get tired of talking to machines and want to speak with a person. Some people will not leave messages, and may take their business to other organizations. Answering services may be perceived as the company not wanting to answer the phone, or that they don't care about the customer.

ideas on creating my power point presentation?

The solution shows how to design a presentation using Powerpoint. The presentation follows the tips in preparing excellent slide presentations.

Reference no: EM1323578

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