Discuss capital punishment in the united states

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You will be required to submit a position paper as to your "informed" opinion concerning capital punishment in the United States. An informed opinion is based on research and knowledge acquired through such research. And, you should cite the sources that led to the development of your opinion. Regardless of the position taken, the paper must include your own reasoning. Your discussion should be supported by evidence and reasoning, and/or otherwise demonstrate thoughtful analysis of your topic - analysis which shows your thoughts on the subject and does not merely repeat what sources tell you.You must use at least three sources other than or in addition to your textbook. Your paper needs to conform to APA style regarding text citations and the reference page. Direct quotes are not to exceed 15% of the paper and must be properly documented with in-text citations. The references must be professional scientific journal articles or books. Do not use Wikipedia or pop-culture magazines such as People or Psychology Today. The paper will be prepared in a manner acceptable for college-level work; i.e., neatly typed,double-spaced with one-inch margins, and should be between five and seven pages(approximately 1200 words), excluding the reference page. No points will be awarded for any paper that has been previously submitted for another class.You will be graded on clarity, content, compliance to APA format, overall quality of the work,and the degree to which you met the requirements specified for the position paper.

Reference no: EM131609558


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