Discuss any two priority action areas of green globe 21

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The Green Globe (21) programme was established by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) with the aim of implementing the Agenda 21 principles defined at the Rio Earth Summit (1992). It is now acclaimed as the most comprehensive accreditation scheme which has been developed for the certification of tourism sustainability

(a) With an appreciation of the aforementioned statement, describe any 5 goals of Green Globe 21

(b) Discuss any 2 priority action areas of Green Globe 21?

(c) With reference to the constituents of GG21, discuss how these are likely to make a substantial contribution towards the cause of sustainability


Successfully addressing the challenges of tourism in protected areas requires strong co-operation among all parties, including those operating within and outside protected area boundaries. On the other hand, mass tourism has also undergone sustained criticism with respect to the concept of sustainability and tourism operators have often been blamed for this form. As future tourism planners, mention any five advice you would propose to mass tour operators in the quest of saving any local protected area of your choice. Support your answer with examples


The PEST framework which prompts companies to consider Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors, a rather broad bush form of analysis, is scarcely adequate for tourism providers (Peattie and Moutinho, 2000). A more comprehensive approach which seriously touches sustainability issues is the SCEPTICAL analysis

Critically discuss each of these factors with respect to sustainability issues at any tourism destination of your choice


Write Short Notes on the following

(a) Doxey's Irridex

(b) EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

(c) LAC (Limit of Acceptable Change)

Reference no: EM132821


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