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A light ray of wavelength 589 nm is incident at an angle θ on the top surface of a block of polystyrene surrounded by air. Find the utmost value of θ for that the refracted ray will undergo total internal reflection at the left vertical face of the block. Do again the calculation for the case in which polystyrene block is immersed in water (c) What happens if the block is immersed in carbon disulfide?


A square wire loop of size 2a × 2a lies in a xy-plane with the center at the origin and the sides parallel to the x- and y-axes. The wire carries a current I running counterclockwise.

(i) Discover the magnetic field on the z-axis.

(ii) Explain that for z/a  << 1 the field becomes that of a magnetic dipole, and find the dipole moment ~m.

Reference no: EM133668


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