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A traffic light weighing 1.20 x 10^2 N hangs from a vertical cable tied to two other cables that are fastened to a support. The upper cables make angles of θ1 = 35.0° and θ2 = 55.0° with the horizontal. Find out the tension in each of the three cables.

Assume the traffic light is hung so that the tensions T1 and T2 are both equal to 88 N. discover new angles they make with respect to the x-axis.


A bumper car with mass m1 = 110.0 kg is moving to right with the velocity of v1 = 4.1 m/s. A second bumper car with mass m2 = 85.0 kg is moving to the left with a velocity of v2 = -3.8 m/s. The two cars have an elastic collision. Imagine the surface is frictionless.

Reference no: EM134528


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