Dfine water pollution point source and nonpoint source

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Answer the following questions associated with Chapter 15 & 16. You will need to be complete with your answers to receive full credit.

1.Define water pollution, point source, and nonpoint source pollution. Which of the two (point source or nonpoint source) is easier to identify? Which is easier to legislate? Which currently poses the greatest threat to freshwater?

2.Research and describe in your own words the process of lake stratification and lake turnover. (include the layered zones epilimnion, hypolimnion, and thermocline and explain what's happening and why and how this happens) "When do these events happen in Oklahoma? (This information is not in your book but you will see it again on the exam).

3.Describe the different types of freshwater and marine wetlands. Explain the importance of wetlands.

4.What is meant by the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch"? What type of trash is the biggest concern in the Pacific Gyre? Why? Discuss three ways in which people are fighting pollution in the oceans and our coasts.

5.Describe five major forms of water pollution and provide an example of each. List three examples of measurements that scientists use to determine water quality.

Reference no: EM13453650

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