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Please gather a list of as many heart healthy foods as you can.

Once you have done this, develop an optimal nutrition plan for two days incorporating as many of these heart healthy foods as necessary.

You may choose to write a diet plan (meal recipe's) consisting of 3 meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or you may outline foods to be eaten as small meals 5-6 times per day - the choice is yours.

Based on research from nutritional sources, please list the caloric value for each food you include in your diet plan and then comment, at the end of your diet plan, as to wether you included enough calories for a normal person to sustain basic energy levels. There is no need to include a specific population of people, however - just that of a normal person.

Our goal here is to take these foods and incorporate them into a heart healthy diet plan while understanding if the diet you developed can sustain energy levels and still maintain optimal health. Please make sure to include fluids in your plan.

Reference no: EM1362816


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