Develop basic tools to expedite use of oracles dictionary

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Develop basic tools to expedite use of Oracle's data dictionary


Develop and demonstrate SQL skills

Develop your facility with a data dictionary


1) Write a script that provides all of the information in, and duplicates the formatting of, Oracle's SQL*Plus describe command. Additionally, the output should add the comments on the rows. Input: owner and table name. Output: columns for Name, Null?, Type, Comments.

Format:Submit the code to query the data dictionary. You must submit the code as scripts that the instructor can run from an SQL prompt on an Oracle DBMS. Your submission must include a description of the scripts, their actions, and the order in which they should be run. Your code must not have any "side effects" (that is, it must not do anything not listed in the assignment description, and all of its actions must be described in the program header).

1) Well-written code

2) Code meets requirements

Instructions: Enter or paste your written work and/or click "Attachments" to upload your files.

Reference no: EM13186658

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