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Application Assignment- Routes to Influence

Your Lecture Notes page and the related Power Point presentation for this week discuss two routes to influence and how to increase leverage in a negotiation.

You recently received an offer from a bank to start as an entry-level loan manager. Employment would begin after you graduate with your MBA. You have several years of management and technical skills that are transferable to the profession and you are very interested in this bank.

Develop a letter or "message" negotiating with the personnel director for both a higher position and a higher salary. Keep in mind you want to gain an advantage in this situation.

You later find out that the personnel manager is extremely busy, is under a directive to fill the position immediately, and has over 100 applications for the position. You have been told you can have 15 minutes of her time to present yourself to her as a viable job candidate, but you realize you will have to use other routes of influence, because the letter just wasn't read. What tactics of peripheral routes of influence would you use and how?

Your assignment should be written in essay format and should be approximately 1 page in length.

Reference no: EM131524747


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