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Business Writing Prompt

Imagine that you are writing an interdepartmental e-mail. This could be to the fellow employees at your actual job, or a pretend job. The business you work for is going to be implementing some company-wide policy changes. It is up to you to design an email that will effectively communicate these changes to your fellow workers.

Remember to consider your audience and purpose when writing a business email. You want to convince your audience, the employees, that these policy changes are going to be beneficial. In short, you want whoever reads your email to be enthused about the upcoming changes.


  • Use a subject line that quickly captures the meaning of the entire e-mail
  • Relate information using a positive tone
  • Include at least one, but no more than two, bulleted or numbered list(s)
  • Useproper capitalization
  • Use correct punctuation
  • Employ parallelism in your writing
  • Use appropriate font

Reference no: EM131524555


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