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Q1. Determine the maximum weight of the bucket that the wire system can support so that no single wire develops a tension exceeding 0.5 kN. Assume that the system is in equilibrium.

Q2. Two objects each have a positive charge. The total charge on both objects is 390 µC. When the objects are placed a distance of 1.20 m apart, each exerts an electrostatic force of 21.3 N on the other. What is the charge on each object? (Round the answers to the nearest µC.)

Reference no: EM1322327

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Determine the maximum weight of the bucket : Two objects each have a positive charge. The total charge on both objects is 390 µC. When the objects are placed a distance of 1.20 m apart, each exerts an electrostatic force of 21.3 N on the other. What is the charge on each object? (Round the a..
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