Determine the intersection points of the following pairs of

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Determine the intersection point(s) of the following pairs of curves. Follow the following steps for each problem:

i. Use fplot to plot the two curves in one figure window. Here you can see the intersection. (Graphical)

ii. Given two equations (e.g. f(x) and g(x)), construct the "roots" problem by equating the two equations (i.e. y(x)=f(x)-g(x)). Plot y(x) in a different figure window.

iii. Use fzero to find the roots.

iv. Use your answers from step iv or v to put a red star marker on your two graphs.

v. Are the roots of your y(x) the intersection points of f(x) and g(x)?

h(x) = 0.5x+1.2

p(x) = -0.4x+2

Reference no: EM13627912


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