Determine the hospitals liability for medical malpractice

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No less than 1,000 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge and research. Each thread and reply must be supported by at least 1 scriptural reference and at least 3 scholarly references other than the textbook. Current APA format must be used for citations.

Topic: Negligence and Medical Malpractice

Hospital Nightmare

In this module, a negligence lawsuit has been filed against the hospital by thirty-year-old Mrs. Smith for a series of careless procedural mistakes that resulted in her developing lung problems and a permanent auto-immune disease. You must gather information about the incident from the involved parties and work with Bright Road's General Counsel to determine the hospital's liability.

You must interview staff members and work with the General Counsel to determine the hospital's liability for negligence and medical malpractice.

Prompt: Based on the information you gathered from the interviews, on your research, and on a biblical worldview, analyze this incident and write your recommendation to the Chief Counsel regarding negligence/malpractice liability. Directly address the 4 elements required to prove negligence:

1. Duty to care
2. Breach of duty
3. Injury
4. Causation (specifically foreseeability).

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Reference no: EM131524581


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