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Assume that pearle vision uses standard costs to control the materials in its made-to-order sunglasses. The standards call for 2 ounces of material for each pair of lenses. The standard cost per ounce of material is $15. During July, the santa clara location produced 4800 pairs of sunglasses and used 9000 ounces of materials. The cost of materials during july was $15.25 per ounce and there was no beginning or ending inventories.


a. Determine the flexible budget materials cost for the completion of the 4800 pairs of sunglasses.

b. determine the actual materials cost incurred for the completion of the 4800 pairs of glasses and compute the total materials variance.

c. how much of the total variance was related to the price paid to the purchase the materials.

d. how much of the differece between between the naswers to requirements a and b was related to the quantitiy of materials used?

Reference no: EM13270976

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