Determine the diameter of the model nucleus in millimeters

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Q1. A hydrogen atom has a diameter of around 1.05×10-10 m, as defined by the diameter of the spherical electron cloud around the nucleus. The hydrogen nucleus has a diameter of approximately 2.36×10-15 m. For the scale model, represent the diameter of the hydrogen atom by the length of an American football field (100 yards = 300 ft), and determine the diameter of the model nucleus in millimeters.

Q2. A 151 kg rocket moving radially outward from Earth has a speed of 5.03 km/s when its engine shuts off 226 km above Earth's surface. (a) Assume negligible air drag; find the rocket's kinetic energy when the rocket is 535 km above Earth's surface. (b) What maximum height (in km) above the surface is reached by rocket?

Reference no: EM139293


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