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Design and produce business documents

Part A Questions

Research the following TERMS and PHRASES these are linked with your assessment. Attach your definition or explanation to each word. Please remember to Reference.

Question 1
- Spell checker.
- Self-edit
- Excel
- Formal documents
- Informal documents
- Format
- Structure
- Internal customers
- External customers
- Data

Question 2
What technology and software application would you use to design and produce each of the following documents, if the following instructions are given?

Type of Document


Required Technology

Software Application

Staff Training Presentation

A handout must be given to each staff member participating in the training




Fax Cover Sheet

The fax cover sheet must be stapled to the fax and filed in the 'Sent Faxes' folder





A flyer needs to be uploaded to a company's website. There is only a hard copy of the flyer.



Email Memo

The memo must be sent to all internal staff. Ten staff members do not have internet access.



Question 3
Please design and produce a resume, using word software application please attach a completed resume to your assessment for submission. Please ensure correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Part B Case Study

Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow:

Julie is a junior assistant at Australian and New Zealand Business Association. Part of her daily office duties is to prepare business documents for her manager.

You are required to complete the following from the two Business documents:

1. Describe the format of the document and its structure
2. State its exact purpose
3. State the document's audience
4. Explain what kind of communication method has been used
5. State what means of communication was used
6. Identify the type of software package used

Part C Project

1. Freedom Finance is a mid-sized firm that specialises in property investment. There are fifteen full-time staff and twenty-two sales consultants who work on a commission basis. Freedom Finance uses the software application Microsoft Outlook to store all employee contact details electronically. As a backup, they also store these details on hard copy files.

The contact files for Freedom Finance staff must include the following details:

- For full-time staff: Name, Address, Email, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, Special Notes. These files must be saved under the category "Support"
- For Sales Consultants: Name, Address, Email, Mobile Phone Number, Car Number, Date of Birth, Special Notes. These files must be saved under the category "Sales"

Your Task: Using Microsoft Outlook, create a database to store the following Freedom Finance employee details:

Joe Johnson, Sales Consultant

[email protected]
0424 765 762
Car No: 0278 765 657
32 Rio Vista Blvde, Broadbeach Waters, QLD 4218
Born 12/ 04/ 75
Note: Joe is not available to work Sundays and Mondays.

Jill Zurich, Accountant
[email protected]
0411 889 998
10/ 212 Johnson Street, Southport QLD 4215
Born 01/ 01/ 79
Note: Jill is in a full-time job-share role with Louise Bradshaw

Note: Please proofread all files, check that headings and details are consistent with organisational requirements and then save a copy to your assessment

2. Your task is to design and produce a poster advertising an Open Day at a Gym. The details are as follows:

Company name:          Functional Fitness

Open Day:                   Saturday, January 22nd

Times:                         8am - 8pm

Event particulars:        Free barbeque, class demonstrations, nutrition workshops, free fitness analysis

Special Guests:            Hayley Bateup and Sally Jenkins

Design the poster in accordance with the following requirements:

- You can choose any software application you like.
- Develop the document, then proofread and edit the document for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
- Make any necessary amendments.
- Save a copy of this document to your assessment (Note: The document will be marked for design, layout, graphics, relevancy, consistency and accuracy)

3. Functional Fitness offered visitors to their Open Day a chance to buy a variety of fitness products and/ or sign-up for a membership at a heavily discounted price.

The following membership options were offered:

12 month contract:                                         $ 40 per month

6 month contract:                                           $ 50 per month

1 month membership (Pay as you go):           $ 70 per month

The following products were offered:

Caps:                                                               $ 15 per cap

Bike Shorts:                                                     $ 30 per shorts

Quick Dry Singlets:                                          $ 30 per singlet

Sports Jackets:                                                 $ 50 per jacket

Sports Drinks:                                                  $ 2 per drink

Nutrition Bar:                                                  $ 1 per bar

The following memberships were sold:

12 months                                                       x 15

6 months                                                         x 12

1 month                                                           x 25

The following products were sold:

Caps                                                                x 15

Bike Shorts                                                      x 6

Quick Dry Singlet                                            x 30

Sports Jackets                                                  x 12

Sports Drinks                                                   x 52

Nutrition Bar                                                   x 43

a) Create a document to best display this financial data. Please note:

- You must choose an appropriate software application to display this data.
- This document should be no longer than one page.
- Choose a layout and design that is easy to read, accurate, relevant and consistent.
- Pay attention to all design and formatting functions.
- The final document must be printed and attached to this assessment for presentation.

b) Please calculate the total amount of sales for the following, and write the excel formula you used to assist in making these calculations.

Please format your answer as shown below.

Total Sales for 12 month memberships

Amount: ______________________________________
Formula: ______________________________________

Total Sales for 6 month memberships

Amount: ______________________________________
Formula: ______________________________________

Total Amount for All membership sales

Amount: ______________________________________
Formula: ______________________________________

Total amount for All sportswear sales

Amount: ______________________________________
Formula: ______________________________________

Attachment:- Design and produce business documents.rar

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The task was mainly focused on business organisational needs on the communication front . The various changes that companies would need to implement in their org and computation challenges are being faced by the people.The assignment solves the various anamoly and challenges that organization faces to solve the maintenance of the records of the employees in a database.

Reference no: EM132012552



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For this assessment you are required to answer all of the questions. You are permitted to research the answers by reading your text book, theory notes and accessing the internet. If more room is needed label each task with the question number and use headings or dot points to make your work clear for your trainer and assessor. Please follow the Referencing Guide contained on your Course handbook. Please attach a student assessment cover sheet to each unit submission. You must complete the cover sheet in full detail.

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