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This assignment gives you the chance to research current issues in cyber forensics affecting the ICT industry, forensic examiners, and the legal fraternity. Using sound research strategies to locate quality academic, scientific and legal research material the assignment is intended to provide you with the opportunity to:

a) Refine research and analysis skills through locating, selecting and compiling a higher-level research essay.
b) Familiarise yourself with new development in cyber forensics that will affect the working and private environments of all technology users.
c) Add to the general knowledge of the School of IT's research and preparation of future unit offerings and potential research topics for student projects and post-graduate research.



Reference no: EM13334785


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Database Management System Questions & Answers

  Compose conceptual data modeling techniques

Explain the fundamentals of how data is physically stored and accessed and compose conceptual data modeling techniques that capture information requirements - design a relational database so that it is at least in 3NF.

  Complete information-level design for set of requirements

A database at a college is required to support the following requirements. Complete the information-level design for this set of requirements. Determine any constraints you need that are not stated in the problem.

  Create microsoft access database

Create a Microsoft Access database. Create the tables, fi elds, data types, and primary key(s) for the database. Create the relationship(s) needed between the tables.

  What is the role of a dbms

What is the role of a DBMS, and what are it advantages? What are its disadvantages?

  An active database in pl-sql

Did the corresponding lines for invoices 1001 and 1008 in table LINE get deleted automatically? Can you explain why?

  Create the primary key and foreign keys using a uml class

In order to move forward, the local university will need to develop a data model that will retain student records and perform various data extract transform and load (ETL) processes.

  Write steps to follow to create the relational database

Write down short description of database connectivity with Internet using one of widely disseminated technologies. (that is using either active server pages or Java server pages or others).

  Design an relational model model of a database

Design an Relational Model (RM) model of a database (DB) that will be useful for each of the chosen enterprises. (Hint: You may choose to translate the 2 ER model designs you created ).

  Write procedure to construct character frequency table

Write the procedure named Get_frequencies which constructs character frequency table. Input to procedure must be a pointer to the string, and pointer to array of 256 doublewords.

  Sales transaction in retail clothing

Examine different sales transactions. Design a context diagram and a level-0 diagram that represent the selling system at the store.

  Difference between e-r diagram and the data dictionary

E-R diagram specializes a logical graphic model and it doesn't contain any data type or data information in a database.

  Determine the functional dependencies

Using your knowledge of the college environment, determine the functional dependencies that exist in the following?

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