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Digital Media Sharing

Whether creating a video, podcast, or graphic, it is important to identify a means to reach the audience with your creation. Although email is one option for reaching an audience, websites that support social networking and file sharing are also effective methods for reaching audiences beyond just an email. Explore the Internet and find a free or low-cost website that can be used to post and share your digital media project in support of your tutorial. The website's features may include the ability for the audience to rate, comment on, add to, or change your posted project.

Post your review of the website here and include the following information in your post:

Name of the website and URL where digital media project can be posted

Description of the website's perceived goal

Drawbacks and advantages to sharing the project on this website

Restrictions the website might impose on your post (e.g., copyright infringement)

Reference no: EM13757973


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