Described risk factors and environmental hazards associated

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Write an essay in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document defining one of the populations below. You will use this population for other assignments. Cite any sources in APA format.

Points to discuss:

- Describe some general information about your chosen population including attributes, demographics, socioeconomics; and rationale for your choice of that specific population.

- Describe the criteria for the inclusion and exclusion for population selection. Simply defined inclusion are those parameters and individuals that are included in your population. Exclusion criteria are those items, parameters that are not included.

- Described the risk factors and environmental hazards associated with the selected population.

Populations under study (select one):

Homeless (inside this: veterans, single women)
Mentally ill (mentally retarded children/adults, or psychiatric issues)
Undocumented aliens or immigrants
HIV positive
Substance/ drug users
Abused populations (battered women, children sexual abuse)
Disabled people (hearing, visual impaired, children/adults)
Low income
Culturally based populations (ex. Amish, Native Americans)

Reference no: EM131080932


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