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1. Written: Watch the video below and write a paper that answers the questions i - iii.  In your discussion use economic terms and indicate how the factors that you identify impact the overall market. The use of graphs would be helpful. The Truffles Market

a. The Most Expensive Food in the World (12:38) (This vide is on YouTube) ( Click the Link or copy and paste.

i. Describe three or four key factors that impact the price of truffles.

ii. Which of these key factors do you think has the greatest impact on the price of truffles? Why?

iii. If you were in the business of harvesting and selling truffles, what would be your greatest concern? Why?

This paper should be four pages long answering each question and please provide references and sources page. I would like this in ape format and should involve economic references and graphs and charts should be included as well to illustrate points. Pleas not write generic answers and Wikipedia is not an approved source.

Reference no: EM131523781


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