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1 Describe the mechanisms by which input from GABAergic inhibitory neurons reduce action potential firing and neurotransmitter release. Why is the position of the inhibitory synapse on the neuron important in determining the effectiveness of the inhibitory stimuli?

2. Describe the different classes (ie., ionotropic and metabotropic) for BOTH the main EXCITATORY and INHIBITORY amino acid neurotransmitters of the central nervous system. Describe what molecule (ie., neurotransmitter) activates each of them, and once activated, what is the main cascade of events that follows.

3. Explain the difference between the whole-cell patch clamp technique versus the cell-attached patch clamp technique (also called "on-cell" patch) when recording electrically from a cell. How are these "patches" made and what kinds of questions can they answer?

4. Compare and contrast an "electrical" synapse with a chemical synapse. What is the difference in the size of the synaptic cleft for each type of synapse? How is the signal from the presynaptic cell transmitted to the postsynaptic cell? What are the major molecules involved?


Reference no: EM1385947

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