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ENGT5114 Sustainable Energy Assignment - De Montfort University, UK

Assignment Title - Patterns of Energy Use

The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are:

LO1. Analyse and organise energy data from different sources;

LO2. Explain why past predictions of energy sources differ from what actually happened;

LO3. Describe the main uses of different fuels;

LO4. Produce a well written, concise report appropriate for postgraduate level.

The purpose of this exercise is to analyse predictions made in the past about how energy sources would evolve to the present day, and compare these with what actually happened.

Table 1 provides information about energy projections made by Ion (1975) in 1975. An extract of his book, which includes this table, is available on Blackboard with the assignment brief. The term 'inexhaustible energies' used here refers to what we would now call renewables, plus nuclear fusion which was expected to develop faster than it has (practical fusion generation is still several decades away).

For the current energy situation, refer to the BP (2019) Statistical Review of World Energy, which gives energy statistics for the year 2018.

Tasks - The following tasks are to be written up in the form of a report.

Task 1 - Read the Ion (1975) document. Produce a comparison table and pie charts showing Ion's predictions of primary energy sources (fuels) in 2020, and corresponding data from the BP Statistical Review of actual primary energy sources in 2018. Give units and ensure they are the same. State where exactly you took the information from in each source. You should not use any other sources.

Although the actual 2018 data is 2 years earlier than 2020, it is still reasonable to compare them in broad terms as energy use does not change very fast.

Task 2 - Using the table and charts you have produced, suggest reasons for differences and similarities between the predicted 2020 and actual 2018 data for the different types of fuel (note 'fuel' here includes hydro, nuclear and renewables). You may use relevant quotes from the two sources.

In particular, compare the broad definition of 'Inexhaustibles' used by Ion (see his text) with the current situation for different energy sources.

Task 3 - Summarise the main uses of oil, coal, nuclear, natural gas, solar and wind today, and why they are used in this way.

Task 4 - Suggest how an estimate could be made for actual use in 2020, by fuel, from information in the BP report, and assumptions involved. Hence, estimate actual use for 2020 for the fuel categories in the BP Statistical Review. Give the results in a table.

Report format - The report must not be longer than 8 pages in total, including the title page and references, and there should be no appendices.

Your report must include the following, in this order (including your own headings):

Title page (include your name, course code, module name, month and year of submission) with executive summary (150 words max.)


[your chosen headings]



References -

1. BP. (2019). BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019.

2. ION, D.C., 1975. Availability of World Energy Resources, London: Graham and Trotman Ltd.

Reference no: EM132609712


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