Describe the current trends in social psychology today

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Respond to each question in ½ to 1 page per question.

You must include how your own cultural beliefs, values, possible biases and stereotyping may affect your clinical perspective.

1. Describe the current trends in social psychology today.

2. Imagine that some researchers are interested in college students' self-reports about their reactions to various stressful situations. Rather than simply asking the students to recall various stressful situations and their reactions to them, the researchers want to reduce the time between the students' self-reports about the situations and the actual situations themselves. Describe two methods that have been developed by social psychologists that could serve this purpose.

3. Describe self-discrepancy theory, and explain how it accounts for certain emotional reactions. Also explain the role of self-awareness in these reactions.

4. On what cues should social perceivers focus in order to try to detect if someone is trying to deceive others? Conversely, on what cues do social perceivers typically focus, and why are these cues less revealing?

Reference no: EM131443469


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